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Alex Russell on browsers, standards, and the process of progress.

Alex Russell

Microsoft Partner PM on Edge

Hi, I'm Alex Russell, a Microsoft Partner PM on the Edge team and Blink API OWNER. It is my professional mission to build a web that works for everyone.

From 2008-2021, I was a software engineer at Google working on Chrome, Blink, and the web platform. I served as the first Web Standards Tech Lead for Chrome (2015-2021) and was a three-time elected member of the W3C Technical Architecture Group (2013-2019) and a representative to TC39 for a decade.

This standards work was a necessary part of leading teams that designed and delivered Web Components, ES6 features including Promises and Classes, Service Workers, Progressive Web Apps, Push Notifications, Web Bluetooth, and the larger set of Project Fugu 🐡 features.

In 2013 I co-authored the Extensible Web Manifesto and named Progressive Web Apps in 2015 with Frances Berriman.

Before joining Google, I was Director of R&D at SitePen and worked on rich web UIs for JotSpot and Informatica, while simultaneously leading the development of Dojo.

You can contact me at <alexrussell at microsoft dot com> for work-related questions or <slightlyoff at gmail dot com> for personal matters. Alternatively, try a Mastodon DM if the request is time sensitive.

Folks working in the public sector are encouraged to reach out via DM for free web performance consulting and analysis.

I'm married to Frances Berriman; we live and work in San Francisco.